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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

It all seems like a dream with developing the Moorpark Mexican Food site. For a town as small as Moorpark, CA. You'd probably be shocked at the number or restaurants here, let alone the Mexican restaurants we have available to us. Of course, this is a real plus as it caters to most people's likes and dislikes of the various Mexican foods there is here in Moorpark. We can talk about Americanized Mexican food, the traditional tacos & burritos (Taco Tuesday lol, that didn't come from Mexico lol), or we can get serious and talk about AUTHENTIC Mexican food in Moorpark. No matter how serious we get and talk about who's best, there's a menu and a Mexican food to please all palettes in one way or another. I still say no one cooks better than my mom or my abuelita but that also isn't just based on taste but all the love and attention we received with that Mexican meal growing up.

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